Welcome to the world of Ariha

At Ariha, the Company is crafting beauty, set in dazzling diamonds that shines with quality. Ariha has emerged as one of the most reliable name offering breathtakingly beautiful diamond jewelry across the world.

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Tapper - Baguette Collection

At Ariha, We believe that meaningful jewelry is more than the sum of its parts. Our customers swoon over our genuine diamonds, stones and iconic handcrafted designs.

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Multi Color Collection

Discover the unique collection of Black and White Jewelry that our artisans have designed and crafted with efforts and love. Create perfect harmony with the timeless black and white ensembles of Ariha.

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Our creations

Discover a variety of our pieces.

every piece is handmade

As a process close to our hearts, follow the handmade process with us. From design, to selecting and ordering materials, and finally to the piece landing in your hands, find out whose hands from our team are involved.